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    Switching to a different extract (.tde)

    Brian Near

      We keep production copies of our workbooks and data extracts on a server.  When I update a project, I want to copy the .twb and .tde files to my local drive, then copy them back when done.


      How do I point my workbook to the local copy of the .tde?  When I open the local workbook, it's opening the data extract on the server.  The only way I've found, and this is highly inefficient, is to rename the .tde on the server, so that when the workbook opens, it complains it can't find the data source, allowing me to point to the local copy.


      I've tried right clicking on the data source within a workbook and "closing" it.  Then I select Data --> Connect to Data --> Tableau Data Extract.  However, when I do that, I'm left with empty worksheets. I'm obviously missing something.  Here's the menu choices I have at this point:


      Data Source.jpg


      Is there a simple way to switch between .tde files?