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    white/blank screen from filter action

    Faryal Ali



      I am getting white/blank screen on server once filter action redirects to another dashboard. One dashboard "filters" contain all quick filters. User makes it choice for combination and clicks on action filter "view". This action filter opens another dasboard "specific time report". Now, once the user is redirected, a blank screen appears for 10-15 seconds before loading. This is no wait sign indication on this screen as well. Please see attached image for explanation.


      Things I have tried to resolve this.

      1) restarted server.

      2) stopped and started server again.

      3) removed unnecessary files on server.

      4) added some filters to context.

      5) cleaning up the server.


      No solution works. How can I resolve this?

      Note: It works fine in desktop. I am using tableau 7.0