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    Data Blend Without Using Linking Dimension in Vis

    Curtis Petersen

      So my research says this is not possible, but I'll throw this question out there in case I missed something.


      I'm trying to blend two data sources by using an "ID" field. However, on the vis I want to show the actual name. Is there a way to join two data sources with the ID without using it in the visualization.


      Below is an oversimplified example, but my dataset has over 25,000 unique IDs with a hierarchy assigned to it. The data is sensitive or I'd attach it.




      Table 1:

      ID        Region Name          Sales

      1          West                      $500

      2          East                       $300

      3          Central                   $1,000    

      4          North                      $1,300   


      Table 2:

      ID          Region Name          No. of Customers

      1           West                        18   

      2           East                          22

      3           Central                      36   

      4           North                        30


      How would I show Sales and No of Customers by Region Name using the ID as the link?