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    Groups of dimensions

      I am visualizing a data set primarily developed for econometric research. Because of this, we have a series of about 20-30 dimensions that are dummy variables and describe various observation characteristics. The dimensions overlap so there is no way to combine into a single dimension. I'd like to use these to create a bar graph of percentage of positive responses for inclusion in a dashboard. Because of the large number of variables, I'd also like for users to be able to filter the graph by preset groups of 3-5 dimension. The groupings are thematic in nature. I've tried to play around with parameters and the like but havent had any luck. The closest I've gotten is creating a parameter that selects the predetermined groups. Depending on what group is selected, a calculated field for each dimension returns either the correct values or a NULL value. I was hoping that I could then filter out NULL values so that only the populated dimensions would be graphed but all i can get is a filter that kills the graph when the filters for different groups conflict. I guess my question is A) is there a way to filter out the NULL dimensions and B)am I going about this the wrong way altogether. http://public.tableausoftware.com/static/images/SC/SCCDataBaseWebPortal/Sheet19/1.png

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          Jonathan Drummey

          Hi Chris,


          It sounds like you're going about it in the general right way, I don't have enough information to give you much on how to do this so I set up an example of how I'd approach this. There's a parameter to choose the group and then a calculated field that looks like the following:


          CASE [Choose Group]

          WHEN 1 THEN

              IF [Sub-Category] = "Appliances" OR [Sub-Category] = "Binders and Binder Accessories" THEN



          WHEN 2 THEN

              IF [Sub-Category] = "Bookcases" OR [Sub-Category] = "Chairs & Chairmats" THEN



          WHEN 3 THEN

              IF [Sub-Category] = "Appliances" OR [Sub-Category] = "Bookcases"

              OR [Sub-Category] = "Computer Peripherals" THEN





          That field goes on both the Colums Shelf and on the Filter Shelf, filtering for Null values, as in the attached.



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