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    date quick filter on multiple data source

    Nicolas Nadeau

      Hey guys,


      Conceptually as simple as this : a date quick filter to apply to all sheet within the dashboard. (data sources are separate)

      Can't seem to use actions / parameters the same way i do when filtering on anything else than dates




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          Mark Holtz

          Could you generate a new Data Source in Excel and pull it into Tableau.


          The idea would be to make a view out of it and then use that view as a filter on the dashboard.


          1. Slap together a list of dates that could be chose in Excel. For posterity, you may want to make the dates "extend far enough into the future" so they include all dates your viewers could ever need (so it'll work in the future without having to be updated going forward).

          You can just copy the Excel list and Paste in Tableau and it'll create a new Data Source for you.


          2. Then make a view using this new data source. You could create a calculated field to use as a filter like

          IF [Date] > TODAY() THEN  'Filter' ELSE 'Show' END and add a filter to only include "Show."

          (Similarly you could add a field to filter on to get rid of weekends, specific dates (e.g. Christmas), etc.)

          Then just stick the date dimension on the Rows or Columns shelf and format it how you want the user to see the choices.


          3. Join this data (Under "Data" menu, choose Edit Relationships) source to all other data sources on this date field to all other Date fields. I'd recommend using DAY(Date) as the join field so you get a month-day-year match.


          4. Add this view to your dashboard and create an action to filter all other sources when the users selects the date(s) of their choosing.

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            Andrew Watson

            You can also use parameters for this - but in reality you would need 2, a start date parameter and an end date parameter. The irritating thing is parameters can't be linked meaning it's possible for the user to select an end date prior to the start date which would return nothing.

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              Nicolas Nadeau

              Thanks for the replies guys - i went ahead and with a feature request. Filtering multi-source with a common date should not be complicated or convoluted