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    Ideas for Creating Very Large Extract to Host on Tableau Server?

    Eric Frishman

      I welcome input and suggestions.


      I have very several fair sized extracts which are hosted on Tableau Server and have updated well.  These extracts were originally created using my desktop license when there wasn't as much data and were easily uploaded to the server which is able to process quickly.


      We have just had to move backend MySQL servers, and I do not think I can update the connection string information within Tableau Server to repoint to the new database.  Each extract is 50-100 million rows and there are at least 3 of these.  I'm finding that creating an extract on my local machine would take 16 hours for each extract before uploading to the server.


      1)  The extracts are time limited to truncate data by # of days from today (preset to 14 days which would return 50-100 million rows).  Is there a method to create an initial extract of a lessor amount of days, and then update the query but not pull the data?  I could then upload the extract to the server which doesn't have an issue processing very quickly.


      2)  Is there a method for creating, a connection and sql, but not extracting data?  I could then publish and extract from the server?


      3)  Is there a method to change connection information (but not the query) within Tablea Server?


      What else might be possible & thank you for the help!!!