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    Handling Special values in a view with multiple aggregate measures

    Amer Ghanem



      I have 3 aggregate measures that I will would like to put in a tabular view. When I add more than one measure, the Text for the Marker changes to "Measure Value" So I am guessing any formatting that I need to do, should be done on the Measure Value field. I am trying to handle Null values, and when I do this on the Measure Value field, it doesn't seem to work when I have multiple aggregate measures. And once I have multiple aggregate measures, I can't handle Null values for each individual measure.


      Any idea on how to do this?



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          Jonathan Drummey

          I'm not sure what you mean by "...handle Null values..." and what you are trying to do there? In any case, Measure Names/Values is a convenience variable provided by Tableau that acts as a "dimension" (Measure Names) containing members defined by the measures on the Measure Values card, with the values of those measures. There is only one Marks card for Measure Names/Values, so any formatting happens for all of them. Tableau unfortunately does not provide a means to access the individual measures within Measure Names/Values within a calculated field.


          Hopefully this helps, if you need more assistance I'd suggest either posting a screenshot of what you are attempting to do or (better yet) a packaged workbook (.twbx) with some sample data.





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            Amer Ghanem

            Thanks for your reply Jonatha.


            Attached to this message is a sample report of what I am trying to do. You will find "Measure A" and "Measure B" to have some Null values, and it is currently being handled in the format of the field "Measure Value" to display "NA" instead of a blank cell. Now my issue is that "Measure A" and "Measure B" should be percentages, so whenever I change their format, the Null will show as blank. I still want to the Null value to show as "NA". It seems to me that whenever I add a specific number format for each individual one, then that disables the ability to apply the Special Value handler in the "Measure Values" Field format.


            For Special Value handler I mean the last section in the format side bar for the field "Measure Values". it is a section where you can add text, and location to display as shown in the image below





            Your help is greatly appreciated.



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              Jonathan Drummey

              Ok, I see it now. What you're seeing is an interaction I hadn't seen before, but makes a kind of sense in how Tableau currently works. The Measure Names/Measure Values variables are convenience variables that let you grab a set of measures at once for display. While we can still see and manipulate the measures to some degree (like setting individual number formats), there's a big limit in that there's only one Marks Card for the whole set, and what you found is another limit in that the Special Values formatting is only available for Measure Values and breaks when there are different number formats used within the set of measures.


              I can think of a couple of options: One would be to format the values as strings and manually put in the NA, this would require making all values discrete and putting them on the Rows Shelf,  the second would be to use the multiple axis crosstab technique. In that one, instead of using Measure Names/Values, you use axis labels to identify each row. I created a tutorial on the technique here: http://public.tableausoftware.com/views/conditionalformattingv4/Introduction



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