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    Marking Stacked Bar Charts with Percent of each Bar, Sum to 100%



      I have a stacked bar chart, each complete bar labeled with the % it makes of a total population. See Figure 1, below. I am using Tableau 6.1.


      Now, each of these individal bars I would like mark what percent each different colored part of the bar makes up of the whole bar. For example, I currently have a bar that makes up 12% of the population, this is composed of subgroups that make up 3%, 3%, 6% = 12%. However, what I want is those Mark Labels to say 25%, 25%, 50%.


      The first attached image is what I currently have. The second image describes how I want the bars labeled but I would prefer them to be in a stacked bar, not seperate rows.


      Thank you for taking the time to look into this. I did what I could to scour other discussions for related advice, any recommendations appreciated!