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    How to Plot a Dimension Twice with Two Different Filters

    George Ricco

      I hate to ask a stupid question, but I've searched for this every which way and watched a number of tutorials today and figured I would just break down and ask.


      Here's my problem.


      I have a categorical dimension and a measure. Let's call the dimension "Student Majors" and the measure "Semesters to Graduation."


      All I want to do is make TWO plots using the same dimension vs measure on the same graph/sheet:


      1.  I want to plot ALL "Student Majors" versus "Semesters to Graduation."  That's easy!


      2. I want to plot "Student Majors" versus "Semesters to Graduation" without ONE variable within "Student Majors."


      Here's another example...


      Within "Student Majors" we have "Engineering," "Arts and Craft," and "Science." I basically want to make one graph of all three versus "Semesters to Graduation" and another where I only have "Engineering" and "Arts and Crafts" versus "Semesters to Graduation."


      I'm sorry for the stupid question. I've tried this using sets. I've tried using parameters. I've tried using groups. I'm really at a loss for how to make this happen and I've wasted hours exploring and figuring out all sorts of useful Tableau features... just none that work for this problem! LOL!


      Your friendly, neighborhood physicist,


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          George Ricco

          And I guess I just answered my own question by, of course, finding a similar thread immediately after posting this one. Isn't that always how it works after you've spent hours on a topic?


          I made a copy of the measure "Semesters to Graduation" and used the following pseudo-code...


          IF [Student Majors]="Science" then NULL else [Semesters to Graduation] end


          I hope this is helpful to everybody else trying to solve similar problems.


          Maybe if somebody has an alternative solution, that would help me mentally sort out how Tableau works!