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    sliding extract

    David Levi

      Hey guys,


      i tried to search the forum with no luck, so here is my question, is it possible to create an extract on the server that will perform incremental refresh every 1 hour and contain the last 6 month of data?


      i know that i can do it with a full refresh with relative date filter but 6 months of data means ~ 500 million rows and it takes a while to do a full refresh.




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          Russell Christopher

          Hi David -


          At the moment, Tableau doesn't directly support sliding windows in the extract process. As a result, a "do a full refresh now and then to clear our old records" approach might be best.


          Let me ask you this - is six months a magic number in terms of your analysis, or just as a rough measure of when the extract starts getting "big"?


          If it's the former, you could create a pretty simple workaround by making a copy of your date field and using that copy of the field as a relative date filter, only showing the last 6 months. You could make this "copy of the date field" filter Global, and/or experiment with putting it in Context, too. Then, you could do your full refresh every week-end or something to "clean up".


          Hope this helps a (very!) little?

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            David Levi

            thanks for the answer,

            i do hope that the guys @ tableau software will be able to add this "sliding window" extract featrue to the next major version...



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              Russell Christopher

              David -


              Would you mind submitting your request in the "Ideas" forum?  Internal folk give the product team feedback like this, but the same request coming from a customer goes a much longer way.