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    How can I construct a year over year bar chart, that has two bars for each dimension?

      I am trying to construct a bar chart that would show the Year over Year change in certain dimensions.  I would need to display two bars for each dimension, one would be for 2011 (month) and the second would be for 2012 (month).  The bar for 2011 would show the average for the month or YTD adjustment, whatever is possible.  Then the bar for 2012 would show the mean for the month or mean YTD. 

      Is this possible to create?  I have attached a workbook (sheet "Bar Chart") and a picture of a graph that I am trying to replicate.  


      The workbook is connected to a live data feed, I tried to save the book so you don't neeed the password to open.  Please let me know if it doesn't work.  Thanks.