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    Customer Support?

      Why does nobody in this company except the sales guys answer or return phone calls?

      Today is the 3rd time I have called for support and got voicemail. Maybe I'm just old school and figure a question can be answered quickly by talking to someone rather than making the me (the customer) go through a process littered with forms/emails and none personal communication.

      Frustrated to say the least.

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Glenn,


          I apologize for your frustration! We try to provide the fastest, most efficient support possible, however, we receive hundreds of cases each week and there are only a handful of technicians so we keep to our "email-first" process. Each case is personally triaged and touched by one of our support team members as it comes in. If additional information is requested, it is because the technician has investigated the case and has decided that more information is needed to resolve the issue. Since a case may have many different aspects, and our support team is diversified with several different skill sets and areas of expertise, the person who first touched the case may not be the person most well-suited to handle it. By providing detailed information will allow the case to be directed to the appropriate person/team who can then troubleshoot effectively (either through email, phone or webex).


          To get a faster process time, include as much information as possible in the initial email/case submission.


          Again, I apologize for any frustration this may have caused, but hopefully this has shed some light on our support process!



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            Thanks for the reply. Wouldn't you have the same outcome if someone picked up the call and routed it appropriately? You have shed light on your process, but my opinion remains the same it's very unfriendly.


            BTW still no return call? I guess I don't deserve one unless I follow your process even if I state it's business critical in my voicemail.

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              Joe Mako



              I highly recommend taking the time to fill out the form on http://www.tableausoftware.com/support/request In my years of use, and conversations with many other users, it is very rare that I have been, or heard of someone disappointed by the service provided after filling out that form. It is well worth it.


              The email trail that comes with it is useful as well, myself and other users sometimes forward our support email threads to each other, sharing the usefulness of them. As a customer who previously worked in a call center, I really like their ticket tracking and email system.


              If I think of it from an efficiency standpoint, the form eliminates the time spent of standard questions, name, product, build, etc, so more time can be spent on asking the right questions. I personally prefer filling out the form myself, no voice transcribing errors introduced


              As for the voicemail box Tableau provides on their phone system, I would recommend they just turn it off with instructions to use their website. I too have let messages there, and never got a return phone call, clearly I am not alone.


              As for the difference between someone routing a phone call v.s. routing an email, the main difference is scale, triage, built-in tracking, and other benefits of asynchronous communication.


              I agree that the ability to talk with an expert live on the phone could be ideal in some situations, live Q&A can produce results quickly, but the opportunity cost would be high as well. Maybe there are Tableau consultants available that provide that kind of service, but I don't know.