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    Locating .tde associated with project

    Brian Near

      Some of our projects are getting out of hand, and locating .tde data extracts, especially if they aren't named the same as the workbook, or in the same folder, can be daunting.  How can I tell what the name and location of the .tde I'm currently using is, from within Tableau?  Sounds dumb, but I can't find this, and the only way I see it is if the .tde is not found when opening a workbook, then I get the dialog box shown below.


      What I want to know is where to see the "File Name" as shown in the dialog below.  (I'm sure it's something simple. :-)


      tde filename.jpg

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          Russell Christopher

          Hey Brian -


          A couple thoughts on your situation, and then I'll give you your answer :


          • Your problem is fairly common - as Tableau usage grows in an organization, there needs to be a way to keep the TDEs under control, or you run into "Excel ****" all over again - Consider Tableau Server for this purpose. All extracts are published to Server (where they can be secured and automatically refreshed), and users connect to the extracts on our Server like any other published data source.
          • It's generally unwise to store your TDEs in a public network share unless your users are very regimented. What generally happens is that people start connecting directly to the TDEs on your network over mapped drives and <gasp>, suddenly "Tableau is slow"! . Well Tableau isn't slow, of course - you're now feeding data across your network...Users should be encouraged to ONLY consume TDEs on their local machine - the speed difference is exponential and will keep people happy.
          • Consider "embedding" your extracts directly in the workbook by saving your file as a "Packaged Workbook". This way, where the workbook goes, the (embedded) TDE goes - automatically.


          And now for your answer, thanks for being patient!


          Right-click the data source in your workbook, choose Extract and then Properties:


          ScreenHunter_01 Jul. 06 08.08.gif


          ...you'll see something like this:


          ScreenHunter_03 Jul. 06 08.09.gif


          Hope this helps!

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            Brian Near

            Hi Russell.


            That's exactly what I was looking for.  Thank you!  I knew it was something simple, and am now experiencing a "D'oh moment".


            We actually do keep our .tde files away from end-users by embedding data into the packaged workbook.  We have several people creating a steady stream of reports.  Most copy files from the LAN down to their local drive, make any necessary changes, then copy them back up to the LAN.  Sometimes they forget to point the new package back to the proper data source

            I have a home-brew (AutoIt) application that runs daily and does a batch update on all the packages for our end users, and of course, it will fail if a package tries to find a data source on someone's laptop who is not around. :-)  We're quite new to Tableau, and experiencing growing pains.


            Thanks again for the quick answer!