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    View Underlying Data for Records with Unrecognized Zip Code

    Jie Pan



      When a Tableau map indicates there are a number of values that have unknown geographic locations, is there a way to pull the list and view what those records are? I know you can see a list of zip codes by editing locations. But that only shows the zip codes in question, not other underlying data points. So, for example, if I have a list of customers/constituents with ID, name, and geographic location info (city, state, country, zip code), I would want to know who are those customers/constituents whose location is unrecognized. Editing zip codes can't help with that question. I also tried show "data at default positions", but then don't know how to locate those specific, problematic values at "default positions" - it seems nothing changed on the map. Does my question make sense? Any help please?


      Thanks much in advance.