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    Adding Multiple References Lines based on Values in a Field

    Mark Rouse



      I wanted to see if it is possible to add mutliple reference lines on my x axis based on the values from a field.  In my data I have two date fields (T and P).  I've used T to plot my time serious as my dimension, I have 1 measure in my rows.  Values are plotted against my dates, but my date field P also has dates, but not for all records, only special records, representing specific dates.


      I wanted to know if I could add multiple reference lines to my chart based on the values picked up from field P.  I can manually add in a (constant) value for each day, but this takes time, and if I have over 200 to plot, it takes a very long time.  I wonder if there is a more automatic way of having 20 or more reference lines plotted on the same x axis, in this case my T field of dates.