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    Stacked Waterfall Gant Bar Chart

    Joerg Mutsch



      I am still in a learning curve with Tableau (7.0) and I am struggling since a couple of days to create a kind of a 'stacked watefall gant bar chart'.


      I have the follwoing structure of my data:


      Product 106109
      Product 20485
      Product 30398
      Product 407143
      Target 2015



      The outcome should be something like the attached png file.


      I tried many things but I can only come up with a regular bar chart which is not what I really want.


      Can anyone give me please and Idea how to do that?


      I attached the Excel file I am working with as well. It contains 2 different data layouts since I was assuming that my original one was not right for that particular type of chart


      Thanks a lot for any help

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Joerg,


          To do this, place Year on the columns shelf (make sure it is discrete). Place Revenue on the rows shelf. Right click on it and select Quick Table Calculation-->Running Total.


          Create a calculated field:




          Place this on the size shelf (make sure the mark type is a Gantt bar). Finally, place Product on the color shelf.


          Hope this helps!



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            Joerg Mutsch

            Thanks Tracy.


            I tried this approach with the negative Revenue already (I read it somewhere in another post). But it seems to do the trick just half way thru.


            Tableau does not really connect the ending of the first bar with the beginning of the next bar and has overlapping values. This means also that my total is different as I have it calculated in the Excelsheet. It seems also that i have to use the data structure as in Sheet three since sheet 2 names the revenue 2012, 2013, 2014 and so on.


            I attached the package workbook with the results so far.




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              Joerg Mutsch



              just for your information.


              I finally contacted the Tableau support to help me on that. Danton was friendly enough to send me the solution. I was on the right track however missed an important part.


              1.) Additional to the Table calculation (running Total) I had to choose advanced

              2.) Then select from the available fields Year and then Product and move them to the right (compute using). The sequence is important here (Year must be top, followed by Product)

              3.) Click OK twice and the result is exactly as I was expecting.


              I tried that before but I always put either Year or Product on the selection but never both.


              See also the attached Workbook for your reference.