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    Different size for columns ?




      Is it possible to change the column width independently?


      I have a report with two columns and I'd like two different widths on my two columns


      Thank you for help.

      - Benoit

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Benoit,


          Currently, it is not possible to have the columns be different widths if they are in the same worksheet. This is a good one for the Ideas section though!



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            . Raylyons

            Perhaps I am misinterpreting the question.  But, in a worksheet in an all text format with several columns, I am able to resize one column separately from another by clicking on a single cell (not the column heading) and waving my pointer around (a long time, sometimes to no avail).  Eventually, a horizontal two-pointed arrow appears making it possible to resize that single column.  It's not easy, because several interactive things flash around when you're trying to get this to happen, especailly the tool tip.  Would be nice to have a DESIGN MODE where all this extra animation is off.


            The online help does not describe this.  Nor can you get to this feature from the FORMAT --> CELL SIZE menu options.  Those resize all columns by some unexplained standard amount.


            Regarding individual column resizing, it would be hard to believe in 2012 that a product would not allow this since this has been a standard report writer feature for 15+ years and in spreadsheets for 30 years. .

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              . Raylyons

              I should clarify.  I know that columns containing TEXT rather than NUMERIC data can be resized as described in my prior message.  Clicking on a single cell in a column of TEXT-type data causes that cell to appear in inverse color.  Locating the pointer on the right or left vertical edges of that cell makes  the two-headed horizontal appear--it is pretty easy to get this to happen.  Now, I thought I had succeeded in getting this same arrow to appear in a NUMERIC column also -- but I cannot replicate this.  Could it be the designers restrict this feature to non-NUMERIC columns?

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                Mark Palmberg

                Is this still the case, Tracy Rodgers ? Sure seems to be in 10.2, and it's (still) a tremendous bummer.

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                  Tracy Rodgers

                  Hi Mark,


                  Yes, unfortunately, this is still the case