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    Filtering Text on a Dashboard



      I'm trying to use a dashboard as a sort of surgeon factbook. The goal is to basically be able to recreate the slide bellow for every surgeon we have data for using a dashboard. The idea is to have the user select a surgeon from a list which will result in demographic information, which will be a combination of the Name, Orthopedic Group, and Medical School specialties bellow. I have the filter working for the graphs and charts, but how would one go about displaying  and filtering text for the demographic information on a dashboard?




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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Scott,


          It depends how the data/workbook is set up. Perhaps a mock up of the workbook (twbx file) can be posted?



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            Thank you for the response and I'm sorry for the delay in getting back to you. A mock up the data base design is attached. The design idea is to have the user first type in the orthopedic group the physician they are looking for is in, which then shortens the list of physicians. The user can then pick a physician and, on the left, see the residencies he worked at as well has his volume for various procedures over the past three years. I would like to add a box displaying demographic information, reminiscent of the information in the boxes in the upper left of the powerpoint slides I posted previously.


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            Scott Zellner

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              One solution I have been playing around with is the use of captions. I can use a caption on a view that is being filtered by my physician list to display text information specific to the physician chosen. This is limited by the number of fields linked to view that I'm using. Is there a way to use the same filtering mechanism with a text box as there is with a caption?