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    Missing data appearing in viz

    Steve Jones

      Hi all,


      I have a tricky little problem which I can't find my way around - hope someone can help me out!


      I have created a viz that tracks performance against a given measure through time. In my Tableau editor it appears as I want it (see screengrab below), in that where there is no data for a particular year nothing appears in the viz.




      However, when I save to web and display my viz on my webpage, that missing data comes through into the viz as well (see screengrab below):




      I've tried fiddling around with the data types and formatting but to no avail - I don't understand why I am seeing one thing in the editor but another when it's been uploaded. What am I doing wrong??


      All assistance much appreciated!



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          Peter Hopwood



          That does indeed seem odd. It might be an silly question but have you checked that the web version is using the same data source details, and that the server is resolving to the same source data?


          What is the data source? a file? a database?



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            Jonathan Drummey

            Hi Steve,


            I notice similar lines for both the Baker and MacKenzie lines, might that be something? I suggest you duplicate the view as a crosstab and see what values are being returned in Tableau on your desktop, then upload that crosstab and see if they change.


            Also, since there are multiple filters being applied (and some of them are quick filters) it can be easy to mess those up, if you haven't double- and triple-checked those then that's another possibility.



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              Steve Jones

              Thanks Peter - I have indeed checked the sources are correct (and I've tried resaving and reuploading the viz too, just in case...)


              The original data is an excel spreadsheet. The "missing data" is not null, it's empty fields. I am wondering if I have set up the data correctly to register that fact in Tableau.


              Basically I have Company name; practice area; rank; year as fields. I want to chart companies' rankings in various practice areas through time. Not all companies are ranked for all practice areas for each year and my data source only includes complete records, so no null fields:





              Here's the set up in Tableau:




              ...I'm reasonably confident that I'm making a very obvious mistake, would be delighted if anyone could point it out to me!

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                Steve Jones

                Thanks Jonathan,


                I have tried duplicating as crosstab, here are the results  - you will see they are consistent with one another, so it's just the viz I'm not getting right...:


                In the editor:




                ...and in the upload:





                I have tried removing and resetting the filters, but it doesn't work - I'm sure I must be doing something fundamentally wrong with the basic set up!

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                  Jonathan Drummey

                  Hi Steve,


                  The only thing I can think of is that there might be something with the configuration of how Tableau shows special values. If you right-click on the green SUM(Legal 500 tier ranking) pill in the view, then choose Format..., then click on the Pane tab in the Format() window, you can play with the Marks settings for Special Values and see what that does.


                  If that doesn't solve your problem, I'd suggest contacting Tableau Tech Support. Even if it does solve your problem, I'd suggest notifying them because I know Tableau doesn't like inconsistencies between view displays between Desktop and Server.



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                    Tracy Rodgers

                    Hi Steve,


                    This is very odd behavior. I would recommend sending this in to our support team to take a closer look. You can

                    fill out a form at: http://www.tableausoftware.com/support/request



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                      Steve Jones

                      Thanks Tracy/Jonathan - I will send it in. Just seems such a straightforward thing that I'd be surprised if it wasn't something in my set up rather than a bug in the system....

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                        Steve Jones

                        It was solved by upgrading to Tableau 7 - nothing different in the set up so I assume some sort of bug that has now been ironed out! Thanks very much to one and all for the assistance.