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    Syntax for a subtraction formula in calculated field

      I am currently trying to write a formula for a calculated field but I'm new to Tableau and have hit a road block.


      I have one sheet that monitors what the goal is by county in various state for my company as a percent of market share against our biggest competitor.  The other sheet has what our latest numbers show by country and state for us and our biggest competitor.  So I want my worksheet to look like the following:


      CountyGoalCompany ACompany BCALCULATED FIELD
      TXHarris30%25%75%30% - 25% = 5%

      Montgomery25%30%70%25% - 30% = -5%


      55%50%50%55% - 50% = 5%

      Katy80%85%15%80% - 85% = -5%


      I have it setup right now so it shows State, County, Company A/B (as a percent).  I inserted the goal from the other sheet by blending the counties and putting a copy of goal as a dimension to move it to the front (is this right???).  Now how do I right a formula to subtract goal (measure) from the percent of Company A?  Should I structure this differently?  I am just trying to create a template that I can use in multiple states and then use to measure by different geographic units like regions within the state or cities.  Please, any help is appreciated!!!