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    Want to suppress a null value in a table calculation

    Leigh Fonseca

      I have a view where I need to display (in grid format) Sales TW, Sales LW and % Difference.  I'm running into difficulty with the table calculation for % difference -- I can't suppress the null value for the % Difference for LW. I don't want to display any value here as this business has requested just the three columns (Sales TW, Sales LW and % Difference).


      I've tried a couple of things with no real success.  Any idea how to hide just this column:

      suppress null table calc value.png

      When I tried to add the Measure Value as a Filter and only include Non-Null values, the value for LW disappears completely.


      Lost LW.png


      I also tried creating a calculated field rather than using the % Diff table calculation and I have the same issue.  There is a null value for week 6/14/2012 and if I try to filter only Non-null values I lose the sales metric for 6/14.  I've attached my workbook.  Any assistance greatly appreciated!


      Thanks much,