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    Can Tableau Reader connect live to data?

    Amy Song

      Hi, I have a workbook I created for some coworkers that reads a small Excel file of data.  This Excel file is the dump location for data that is updated every day.  These coworkers don't need to develop anything, they just need to consume the data.  Is there any way for the workbook I created for them to connect to the dynamic Excel file so they see updated data when they use it?  Thanks!



      Community Manager Update:

      In case you - or anyone else who finds this thread - needs the information, we just recently shared a new product page on the Tableau website: Tableau Viewer vs. Tableau Reader. Tableau Reader deployments require source files to be shared and accessed locally which means that IT has no visibility into where the files go or how they are used after they are created. The page includes a super helpful comparison table. Below is a screenshot, but please visit the page for the most accurate information:


      Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 2.56.38 PM.png




      Source: Tableau Viewer vs. Tableau Reader


      Thank you! Amanda Boyle, Tableau Community Manager