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    Slow Filter Selection

      I am using Tableau Desktop on a 32 bit machine and currently upload an MS Access table that consistes of approximately a million rows of data.  This is not a live link.  I export a packaged workbook after importing the data.  I use 11 quick filters that show up on the first dashboard.  These filters are applied to 19 dashboards.  Checking a single box on any filter takes approximately 15 seconds.  Every month about 250,000 rows are appended to the one MS Access table which is then uploaded into the Tableau file by refreshing the Extract.  This slows down the filter selection even more.  Does anyone have any ideas on how to speed up the filter selection?  Would it be worth my while to put the file in a WEB brower and use Tableau Server instead?


      Thank you.



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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Sarah,


          Here are a couple option for improving performance with filters:


          • if possible, further filter the data to a specific date range
          • add some of your filters to context (make sure this is not done to any filter that is showing a quick filter):
          • Multiple Value List, Single Value List, Compact List, Sliders and any other future Quick Filter options that need to gather or display the domain of all selection options, must query the underlying datasource to build that domain. This may noticeably slow down the view render depending on the size of the domain.
          • Wildcard Match, Custom Value Lists, and other Quick Filter options that do not display domains do not need to run this query and therefore allow faster renders.

          Hope this helps a little bit!



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            Jonathan Drummey

            Hi Sarah,


            If a view is slow in Tableau Desktop it is almost certainly going to be slow in Tableau Server.


            Besides Tracy's excellent suggestions, another idea is to switch from Quick Filters to Action Filters. That can double your performance right there. Also, since duplicating dashboards in Tableau is super easy, you could improve performance by by offering more dashboards with fewer options each.


            A possibly more expensive suggestion is that if the users really need to slice and dice by 11 dimensions, you might look into getting more Tableau Desktop licenses so the users can do that work themselves.