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    Navigating a hierarchy using expand and collapse



      I would really like to be able to provide our users with the same look and feel as the screen shot above illustrates. Is it possible to do this in Tableau if the data source is NOT a cube? If it isn't possible does anybody know why Tableau doesn't provide this capability, apparently Spotfire does and we are being asked to do it in the same manner that Spotfire can.


      I appreciate any assistance


      thank you

      Steve Baer

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          Andrew Watson

          Hi Steven


          It's possible to create hierarchies in Tableau, I wrote a post on how to build a hierarchy in Tableau a while ago you're welcome to read should you need guidance. It's simple enough, highlight the dimensions you want in your hierarchy, right click Create Hierarchy and the order the hierarchy as you require it to be by dragging and dropping.


          The functionality isn't identical to what you show above, the entire column expends or contracts, not just the selected value. Filters can be used to only expand specified values which is similar to what you have above but not identical - but the end result works, it's just a slightly different user experience.



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            STEVEN BAER

            Hi Andrew,


            I appreciate your input. We have proposed a solution like the one your article specifies but the user community here fell in love with the Spotfire expand and collapse. I agree with you in that the user gets the same result but they would prefer the user experience Spotfire provides....unfortunately! It could very well be that this is the best Tableau can do.


            thanks again