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    First Think Data Thursday--July 19th

    Tracy Rodgers

      The first Think Data Thursday will be taking place July 19 at 11 am PST!


      For those of you who are unfamiliar with what this is, Think Data Thursdays will be an online meeting with fellow Tableau Community members to have a conversation about Tableau products, best practices or simply data. It can be viewed as an online user group or an informal training, but the best part about it is that YOU--the Tableau Community--gets to decide what we talk about.


      Over the next two weeks, this thread will act as a place where suggestions can be made about what will be discussed. Some sample ideas for topic areas are:

           -background images

           -a closer look at table calculations (i.e. how they are computed and common use cases)

           -actions vs. filters


      So please, add your ideas and comments about our first TDT!

      The decision for which topic has been chosen will be made July 12.