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    How to avoid fixed height/width when using layout containers?

    Mike Swinn

      I find that whenever I use layout containers the sizing of elements within them is problematic. The dashboards are used over a range of monitor sizes therefore it's important that the size of panes is relative. Layout containers seem to default to equal splitting, e.g. two elements in a vertical container will default to 50% each. However, when I drag one element to resize it automatically set either that element or the other to fixed height/width which is a problem because when viewed on a smaller screen it will look completely wrong - the fixed sized element may even take up the whole container and squash the other down to nothing. If I right click and deselect 'fixed height' to try and avoid this, then it simply goes back to its default 50/50 split.


      The normal behaviour without layout containers is fine - if I set one element to be 2/3 of the height and another to be 1/3 it will keep this ratio on a smaller screen. Is there any way that I can acheive this with layout containers?

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          Mike Swinn

          Simple example attached - I've created two worksheets from the example datasets and created two dashboards which display these together. I want the upper sheet to take up 2/3 of the screen and the lower sheet to take up 1/3. The first layout containers and works fine on any screen size. In the second dashboard, both objects are placed into a layout container. The 2/3 : 1/3 ratio is only correct on the size I set it up for, since the upper window sets itself up to a fixed height in pixels, i.e. absolute size. As soon as I resize the window or view it on a different monitor the upper window takes up too much or too little space. On a small screen res the lower window can get squashed down to nothing. If 'fixed height' is unchecked then the splits default back to 50:50.


          This may seem like a trival issue from the example attached, but there are many situations where we want windows to take up non-equal proportions, a legend underneath a map is a good example. Since all our dashboards need to work across a range of monitors of resolutions I've had to avoid using layout containers almost completely. This makes it more fiddly to set up the view, and conversly means I cannot set fixed height where I do want to, such as for Titles or sections of descrptive text. My only solution here is to design for the lower end of the resolution range, but this means that such objects end up taking excessive space on the larger monitors which looks silly.


          There may be a simple solution I'm missing, or if not I'd recommend it as a highly desirable enhancement for layout containers.

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            Tracy Rodgers

            Hi Mike,


            Can you repost the workbook saving it as a twbx file?



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              Alan Soltani

              Hi Mike,


              Your issue is that in the layout container dashboard you are only fixing the height of one sheet. If you fix the height of both sheets then they will retain the 2/3, 1/3 split you are looking for.


              Bear in mind you want to fix these heights on the tallest screen you have, and it will scale down well. If you try to scale up, it will keep the 2/3, 1/3 split but you will also have white space at the bottom.