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    Mapping social survey data

      I am using Tableau to analyze survey data. I have a map showing the location of survey respondents. Users can select groups of respondents from the map and view the responses they gave to the survey. However in order to maintain confidentiality I need to (1) block the selection of 6 or fewer points from the map and (2) then notify the user that for reasons of confidentiality they cannot select six or fewer points. I have tried to work out how Tableau might do this? If anyone has any ideas would be great.

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          Vladislav Grigorov

          Hello Mark,


          I tried to simulate your requirement with the sample data that comes with Tableau. I know it is not exactly the same in your case, but hope it may help you in your quest. Have a look in the attachement!



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            Hi Vladi


            Thanks for having a look at this issue for me. I cant see it working in the attachment...can you explain.


            Thanks again



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              Vladislav Grigorov

              The basic idea is that I have one field called [Show filter] defined like that:

              if window_max(index()) < 6 then 0 else 1 end

              This is on the filer shelf in the table with the "results" data, and is filtered to show only 1, i.e. if you have more than 6 items in the set.

              The map only controls the details sheet via a filter action set to exclude all values upon removing th selection. Thus when nothing is selected on the map, nothing is shown as "results" data. If you select less than 6 zip codes, then still due to the [Show filter] nothing will appear. If you select more than 6, then you will see th second sheet with the results.

              I see now that hovering over a data point brings some datain the tooltip. You can also remove tooltips at all, so that these do not compromise confidentiality. Do it from the Worksheet-Tooltip... menu.

              Hope this helps!