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    Tableau's speed against Qlikview




      I won't go into a generic "Tableau" Vs "Qlikview" discussion here as it has been discussed in several places in this forum and the Internet.

      While we are very happy with the use of Tableau in our organization, all our users are consuming the dashboards via Tableau Reader as we can't avoid loading times in Tableau Server.


      I have recently had a look at the latest version of Qlikview (had been testing it for a while in the past before but decided to go for Tableau for all the quality the product is known for) and was really impressed at the speed of their online demo: http://ap.demo.qlikview.com/detail.aspx?appName=Order%20and%20Inventory%20Management.qvw

      Filtering information is instantaneous (no loading time at all). It basically offers a "Desktop-like" experience.


      Whatever the complexity of my data sources/dashboards, I can never reach the level of speed shown in these demos. There is always a small loading time when quick filters or action filters are applied.

      Can we reach this level of responsiveness in Tableau Server as well? If so, can somebody point me towards similar online demo?



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          Just to make things clear: the reason for asking is simply to clarify whether or not we are doing a poor job in building our data sources.


          If Tableau Server can't indeed offer the same level of responsiveness as Qlikview does, that's perfectly fine for us as it performs a lot better in other areas (this post is not a generic Tableau Vs Qlikview post)


          Simply wish to hear more from the experts here regarding this "loading" thing. Whatever we do and the data we work with, we simply can't reach the speed shown in these QV online demos and wish to make sure if that's even possible.


          If it isn't then we will revise our expectations in this area and focus on the others where Tableau is stronger at.