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    pdf formatting difficulties on Tableau Server

      I have some clients that access our data on the Tableau Server and need to create pdfs.  I am have a great deal of difficulty with the formatting of the pdf from the server (just worksheets, not even a dashboard problem).  When I create the pdfs from Tableau Desktop, I use the page setup to fit them on whatever number of pages seems most appropriate; however, when you attempt to use the "scaling" function while exporting the pdf from the server, it seemingly has no effect whatsoever on the document it creates.


      The other major problem I'm having, is the pdf shows blank scroll bars that obscure data at times...see attached.  Any way to fix either of these issues?  Any help would be greatly appreciated!


      Thanks much!

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Jesse,


          This would be a good one for our support team to take a closer look at. You can send a request to support@tableausoftware.com



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            Mehmet Kilinc

            I'm also running into the first problem you mentioned...

            exporting a PDF from the web-ui works fine, i.e. graph scales fine, but when I run the following command on the server:


            tabcmd export "SystemCapacityDashboard/SystemCapacity" --pdf --pagelayout landscape --pagesize a3 -f "C:\tmp\System Capacity"


            the graph does not scale to the whole page, rather it is boxed/squashed up to a much smaller image on the page.

            I tried playing around with the page-setup options from Tableau Desktop but that didn't have any effect.


            Please let us know if you find out more information about this.

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              Shalin Kapadia

              I'm facing issue 2 mentioned in the first post above.


              I have a dashboard with a few quick filters, images on top and a table that shows the data. When this dashboard is exported to PDF, the header images, title, quick filters selections and the table's column header is exported to PDF but the table shows no data.


              I have attached an image showing the PDF that is generated (all the text and the images have been anonymized to ensure confidentiality but it should still give a fair idea of the problem - there is no data in the table).


              Please let us know in case the issue was resolved for you.


              Thanks and Regards,