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    Extract Load does not recognize letter case

      I loaded a file of clients from an Excel sheet into an extract file.  Our clients are assigned a system generated unique ID consisting of numbers and upper and lower case letters.  I was validating a recent load and discovered the situation (IDs have been simplified for this question):


      Client          System generated Client ID          ID as it showed up in the extract

      John           Ab                                                  ab

      Mary          aB                                                  ab

      Susie          AB                                                 ab


      So now my three different clients are showing up as one client.  Has anyone seen this before?  How can I get the extract to recognize differences in letter case when loading?  Any insight is greatly appreciated.

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          Peter Hopwood



          I've just tried to replicate this and I think the issue is with the collation sequence of the source data in Excel - not the extract engine.  Normally Tableau infers the collation sequence (i.e.settings like character set and case sensitivity) from the source - but it looks like Excel isn't providing the details to Tableau.


          I've created a simple excel file like yours:


          Client NameClient ID


          I then connected Tableau to it and get some inconsistent results of case depending on the order of the columns:

          Case sensitive 1.png

          Case sensitive 2.png

          In one query the case is sensitive, but not in the other.


          I'm sure there must be a way to set case sensitivity in the connection file or the preferences - I can't find it right now but I'll keep looking.






          UPDATE: I can't find a setting anywhere for this in Tableau. I've tried formatting the Excel file and setting the encoding on the document to Unicode, ASCII, UTF and no joy.  Anyone else have any ideas? Perhaps log it with Support Message was edited by: Peter Hopwood

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            Thanks, Peter.  We could still not figure out how to get the IDs recognized consistently regardless of case sensitivity so we developed a workaround...basically assigned each client a new ID that was not case sensitive.  Not very elegant, but effective.