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    Are you using source code management tools with Tableau?

      We have a number of people working on creating and maintaining the Tableau workbooks. We would like to the source code in a central repository and use check-out and check-in to control who is modifying the file at any given time, as well as doing version control so that we can track the changes and potentially roll-back to previous versions. It would also be nice if we could publish to a test project / location and demo new versions before we push them to production.


      So here are the questions:

      1) Which source code control system are you using (GIT, SVN) ?

      2) How do you integrate the source code repository with your tableau repository?

      3) Which files do you put under source code control (.twb, .twbx, etc.)?

      4) How do you keep track of what is published versus what is under development?

      5) How do you keep the developers from downloading from the server and working on them without going through the repository?

      6) What about things like tags, comments and bookmarks?


      It would be great if Tableau had a way to integrate desktop tableau application with Git or SVN. There is a posting in "Ideas" suggesting this, but I doubt if it is a priority.


      Let me know what your experience with working with Tableau and a source code management system.


      Robert Tanenbaum


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          Robert Morton

          Hi Robert,

          I can't comment on the priority or possible timeframe for this feature, but I am definitely interested in hearing the community's needs here. I'll add to your list of questions with this:


          7) What has been your experience with merging changes to workbooks by two or more different users at a time? Is it generally easy to resolve conflicts, or is it difficult to safely merge the XML content of .twb workbook files?



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            @Robert Morton - yes that's a good question. How do people manage conflicts that show up when the source code is checked-in?


            Personally, I would be surprised if anything workable came out of merging the XML content. There must be some extraordinary programmers who could change workbooks by editing the XML source rather than using the Tableau interface --- just like I once knew a programmer who would change output to the printer by directly editing the postscript file --- but it seems there would be too many potential "gotchas" to make a habit of it.

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              Richard Leeke

              All good questions. We only have desktop, so some don't apply to us, but I'll answer the ones that do.


              1) SVN. We use it in cases where we have  shared access to files being updated by multiple team members, but I also use a local SVN instance on my laptop to keep a history of my own changes for some complex or long lived workbooks.

              2) We don't ever put anything in the Tableau repository,  workbooks are just filed in the logical place in the folder structure along with other files for the client, project or whatever.

              3) Generally just TWB. Anything that is an XML file makes sense though (TDS etc). Sometimes I do put TWBX files in to preserve point in time views of the data.

              4) to 6) don't apply as we are desktop only.

              7) I do sometimes use comparison to a prior version to see what someone has touched (or even remind myself what I touched). Whilst I do sometimes resort to XML hacks, I can't say I have ever tried that as a way of merging branched versions or resolving conflicts. There be dragons.

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                Steven Hittle

                In addtion to source code control, what methods and/or tools are being used to support migrations from UAT to Production Servers (assuming that all DEV is done on desktops)?


                Thanks much,