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    Are you up for a challenge? How do I use cell level formatting on just one row? Help!!

    Oscar Campos

      If any of you Tableau gurus can help me with this I would truly appreciate it!!


      I am needing to use color formatting on just one row 'Profit' in order to color red if it is below 0 and green if it is over 0.





      The first tab "Original Data" is what the sample data looks like, and I am wanting to focus just on the row for 'Profit' The problem I have been facing is being able to only isolate the 'Profit' row and not apply the same calc to all.


      The second tab "Attempt 1" is my failed attempt to use various headers under row, so that I could focus on the 'Profit' color. I also tried to create a calculation  if [Profit]<0 then '<0' elseif [Profit]>0 then '>0' End in order to add this calculation under color but the calculation kept automatically switching to a dimension instead of a measure. This did not happen when I was using my real data, but perhaps it is a kink in the sample data.


      All that to say, I am at a complete loss. I need my rows to stay as rows and not as this weird bar/table thing I have going on right now. It looks better when I flip my axis, however I need the rows to stay as rows.



      Can anyone help me???


      If you can't open the tableau workbook, I am attaching the SuperStores Sales Excel file.