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    Refreshing the web page view of Tableau Server dashboard does not refresh the data - how can I keep the dashboard up-to-date?

    James Warrick

      I am trying to use Tableau Server as a kisok/wallboard on large screens to display statistics related to the performance of our call center/dispatch center.


      My problem is that there seems to be no way to take the dashboard I have built, and force it to refresh on a periodic basis so that the data displayed is never more than a couple minutes old.  I am using some Firefox extensions to refresh the page every 5 minutes, but this is not having the desired effect. Note that I am triggering a manual refresh at the browser level, not equivalent to clicking the "refresh" icon from within the tableau web app.


      I followed the instructions in the Tableau Server Administrator Guide located at http://downloads.tableausoftware.com/quickstart/server-guides/en-us/server_admin7.0.pdf on page 16 under the heading of "configuring caching" to set the value to "Query the database to refresh the cache with each page reload".  I hoped that this would fix my problem, but this does not seem to have helped.  I can even refresh the data on my local machine (using the refresh button located within the web app), and on the next refresh the old data still persists on the wallboard (on a different machine).  If I pull up two windows with my browser and do a hard-refresh on one, the subsequent browser-level refresh on the other window refreshes.  Tying the clues together it seems to be an issue with the refresh of the web session, but I have not been able to Google any further information that might help me.


      I am not sure of what else I can do to get this to meet my needs; any ideas?


      Thanks in advance!