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    sum label values in bar graph




      I've tried searching the forum for my problem but couldn't find anything specifically pertaining to my situation. Not sure about the proper tableau/BI jargon but I want to sum up my labels to give one value. please refer to the attached pictures. withjoinoverlap.jpg

      would like to have the following

      Correct Display.jpg

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Hub,


          The reason there are so many labels in the top image is because of whatever field is on the level of detail shelf. To get it so that the label is the same in each color of each bar, create a calculated field similar to the following and place it on the label shelf:




          Once it is on the label shelf, right click on it and adjust the Compute Using portion. Then, you'll have to manually remove the unwanted mark labels (multiple can be select at once, right click and select Mark Label-->Never Show.


          Hope this helps a little bit!



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            Was having problems with this still and couldnt figure it out but found the "Advanced table calculation" and used advanced table calculation.bmp


            thank you for your help