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    Additional visualizations

    Vafa Izadinia

      Hi there,


      Would anyone happen to know if there are any other visualizations available in addition to what is currently listed in the 'Show Me' menu? Or if the visualizations are extensible: are there libraries we can use to build our own visualizations, for example? I am looking for something like this: http://datavisualization.ch/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/how_1_billion_dollar_got_paid_over_the_freshbooks_network_03.png where a count of true/false values could be displayed as two shades of a doughnut-shaped graphic, which would then be geo-positioned.





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          Russell Christopher

          Hi There -


          We don't do doughnuts, but you can change the shape type on your map from Automatic to Pie and get the same effect with a Pie chart. Then, put your "Count" measure on the Angle shelf and your True/False field on the Color shelf. Leverage the size shelf if you want to change the overall size of each pie, or just lean on the Slider.

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            Vafa Izadinia

            Thanks Russell, I had used pie chart as shape type on the map, but it looks very 1990s -- pie charts in general tend to look somewhat dated, hence the request for the donut shape.


            Do I understand correctly then that the visualization types are not user-extensible?


            If so, do you know whether donuts are going to be added as a shape type option in an upcoming minor release of Tableau, or are we looking at the next major release?





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              Russell Christopher

              Hi Vafa!


              Please don't misunderstand me when I say this - I'm not trying to be a troll .


              But...neither Pie charts or Doughnuts are particular good for data visualization. There is a fair amount of thinking out there (especially on Pie charts) that documents same, and Tableau is very much in tune with this.


              So while I can't tell you whether you should or shouldn't expect to see a Doughnut chart in the future, I can say that it took lots and lots of user feedback before a Pie chart was included in the product. 


              What most people do in your shoes is to lean on Tableau Action Filters to draw additional charts (bar charts, bullet graphs)  outside of the Map that are associated with something that is clicked on inside the map.


              Sorry, and I hope this helps a little bit?

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                Vafa Izadinia

                All right, thanks Russell.

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                  Jonathan Drummey

                  While I agree that doughnut charts are not "best practice" for visualization, I also like seeing what Tableau can do, and I live in a land where there are more Dunkin Donuts than Starbucks. So, here's a set of doughnut charts.


                  A doughnut chart is really just a pie chart with white space in the middle. We can create a view with Pie marks, then on a dual axis use the Circle Mark Type to create the white space and then put the label in the middle. Getting the sizes to work right to have centered text in the doughnut could take a fair bit of twiddling, for example in the following view the Size is set to vary Automatically and there are no visible Pie marks for Delaware or Rhode Island because they are too small:





                  The problem with the twiddling of sizes is that it would most likely sacrifice accuracy, which is already reduced by using a Pie chart in the first place. So I wouldn't recommend doing this, and it's nice to know it's possible. Example workbook is attached.



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                    Russell Christopher

                    This is awesome! Would never have thought of this!