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    Parameter to switch from one dashboard to another

    Ed Kukec

      Hi All,


      I have a dashboard that has a filter or parameter called Time Dimension that allows a user to aggregate data to either Yearly, Quarterly or Monthly values. For specific reasons and another calculation that is done, I can't use the date drilldown/rollup functionally of Tableau so I had to build the parameter and date calculations. Everything works well, only problem is the dashboard is a dog and takes forever to switch from one Time Dimension to the other. I did everything recommended to improve performance but it hasn't worked so I thought about another option...essentially create 3 copies of the same dashboard but each uses only one Time Dimension so I'll have the 3 Dashboards:


      1. Dashboard_1_yearly

      2. Dasbhoard_2_quarterly

      3. Dashboard_3_monthly


      I can easily just publish to the server and set it up so that each dasbhoard is a tab but it looks clunky and unprofessionally so what I want is a parameter or action that essentially allows a user to select their Time Dimension and all it does is switch out one dashboard for the other so if they are let's say looking at #1 (Yearly) if they select Quarterly aggregation (#2) it just loads the other dashboard. Problem is I don't know how to do this.


      Any recommendations?