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    How to refer to group of values in If clause?

    Ranjan Sahoo



      I am trying to refer more than one value for a boolean in If clause.I am not getting any direct function, I am forced to use "or".It seems giving some issue and also very inefficient and time consuming.


      Problem:      if ([Region] not in ('APMEA','Canada','Europe','Latin America','US')


      I am using 'or' . But seems,something is going wrong. Can you please help me.


      Query using "or" is not working:


      if (attr([Region])  <>'APMEA' or attr([Region]) <> 'Canada' or attr([Region]) <> 'Europe' or attr([Region]) <> 'Latin America'or attr([Region]) <> 'US')

      and (attr([Period_Trends]) <> '2006' or attr([Period_Trends]) <> '2007' or attr([Period_Trends]) <> '2008')  then (sum([Total number of stores having HOT(Incl FOE)]) / sum([Total Stores SW]))

      elseif (attr([Region]) <> 'APMEA' and attr([Period_Trends]) = '2007') then 2.5