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    actions with measures not working

      I have a crosstab chart and a line graph in one dashboard. I would like to be able to click on the crosstab chart and filter the line graph down to what ever value I clicked on in the crosstab chart. When I set up my filters only the dimensions will filter down but not when I click on a measure. Is there a reason why this would be happening? A highlight action will work great however I'd like to filter not highlight.


      Attached is my problem. It isn't the final view but I want to get this taken care of before I move on. Thank you in advanced.

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          .Yann Treguier

          I am interested in this exact topic too.  I need to build an action based on a measure (calculated field).  I have a table listing various measures.  I have a chart using one of those measures.  The goal is to show the chart only when that measure name is clicked in the table.  When building the action, I choose to pick the target filters.  I can select the measure from the list of fields available for the table.  However, it does not show in the list of available fields to choose from for the chart.

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            Shawn Wallwork

            Yann, I'm not sure I understand your setup and what you're asking. Can you post a couple of screenshot showing your situation, and what  you want to have happen. Thanks,



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              .Yann Treguier

              I uploaded some screenshots.

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                Shawn Wallwork

                Yann what you are describing is completely doable, in fact that's how dashboard action filters work. Here's a dashboard in a demo workbook I had setup:




                When you select a single mark, the map filters:




                You can also select multiple marks:




                And you can make the actions reciprocal, so if you click the map it filter the chart:




                Is any of this relevant to your question? Am I still misunderstanding what you're trying to accomplish? (Workbook attached.)

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                  .Yann Treguier

                  Thanks Shawn.  I have been building dashboards and actions for years.  This is the first time I notice that the list of fields from the target object is not the same as the source object even though they are built on the same data source.  It's got to be a duh moment.  It's saturday after all....


                  I am uploading additional screenshots to illustrate what I am seeing

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                    Shawn Wallwork

                    OK, first let me apologize, it's often difficult to figure out what level of experience forum folks have. I didn't mean to give offense.


                    You've got something weird going on. Is there a chance that in data source you have 'Sensitivity' set as a measure and in the other data source you converted it to a dimension? I notice that when you select a dimension in the Source filter, it only displays dimensions in the Target filter. Works the same way with measures.


                    What is your data source by the way?



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                      .Yann Treguier

                      No worries "Sensitivity" is a measure in both objects.  I think I know why now.  That measure is a calculated field.  Because of that (not that I understand the underlying reason), it will not pop up as a match in the target object.  I tried to use a non calculated measure and it selects the same field right away in the target data source. 


                      So, it appears to be a limitation of the software.  The data source by the way is an extract. Maybe there is a work around but I can't think of it right now.