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    Net Promoter Score by Region (Calculation and Geo questions)



      I've calculated my Net Promoter Scores as described in another thread, and now I'm trying to look at this by region of the US.  I have 5 regions (1=East, 2=Midwest, 3=Southeast, 4=Southwest and 5=West).  Those regions break down into states as follows: 

      East:   CT


      West:   CA, NV


      Midwest:  WI, MI, IL, IN, OH


      Southeast:  AL, FL, GA, KY, LA, MS, NC, SC, TN


      Southwest:  AR, KS, MO, OK, TX


      I did some basic geocoding in the attached workbook, and essentially ended up selecting one state per region, because I couldn't figure out how to assign multiple states to a region.  I then created a viz of the US, with markers in the states, and tried to use NPS as my label.  However, the NPS keeps using "Compute Using">region as the default.  I change it to "Compute Using">cell, but the labels don;t change.  I know that "Compute Using">cell is the way to go, because when I'm not in a map viz, I get the correct NPS for that region (confirmed with Excel calculations).  Therefore, my question is twofold:


      1) How can I get the labels to show up correctly - Each region has its own NPS

      2) How do you geocode several states into one region?

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Andy,


          When the Region is placed on the level of detail shelf and the view is a map, the data points are no divided into individual cells, essentially it is being computed at the Table (Across) level. By placing Region on the rows shelf, however, will give the correct labels because they are each in their own cell.


          In terms of geocoding several states in one region, the state field would need to be added to the data. Then, the state field can be placed on the level of detail shelf and Region can be placed on the color/size shelf so the states can be seen grouped together.


          Hope this helps!



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            Hi Tracy,


            I tried putting the region on the row shelf, and now I have 5 maps - 1 for each region.  I'm trying to just have 1 map, with each region showing its own NPS score.  Ultimatly, I'll go down to a zip code view, so multiple maps is not a good solution.





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              Steph Stanfield

              Hi Andy,


              I've modified your workbook a little. These notes match the tab names:


              Step 1: Add Regions Table and Geocoded - I built a quick table that matches your regions to states (very simple). Then I added custom geocoding that takes the same info and also has the centroid lon/lat (to mark the center point) for each regional polygon. I set Region's geographic role to the newly available Region type.


              Step 2: Two Maps = Two Mark Types - I held down Ctrl and dragged a copy of Longitude on the Columns shelf to the right of the existing pill, giving us two maps. Then I clicked on the upper right of the Marks panel and chose Multiple Marks. Now we can click through the settings for each separately (as well as for both/all). I set the right map to use the circle symbol. Replacing State (on the filled map) with Region (on the point/label map) gives us circles & labels on the regional center points.


              Step 3: A Dual Axis Map (the cool bit) - I right-clicked on one of the Longitude pills on the Columns shelf and chose Dual Axis. Voila!


              I hope this helps. I also generated the vertices for your regions as five separate polygons and have included that table below.