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    Twitter harvesting with Tableau

    Andy Cotgreave

      Note: Twitter deprecated the API this script uses in June 2013. At time of writing (25 June 2013), we do not have a new script. We will update this tutorial once we have a new scipt. Of course - if you are able to write, and share, your own, please do!


      Do you want to harvest and visualise tweets? Whether you're in marketing, sales, or any unit that needs to track social media, twitter analysis can be very useful. This post is about how to do quick and dirty twitter harvesting.


      As an example, here's the twitter analysis we did for our  2012 Barcelona Customer Conference (click the image to go to the dashboard):


      And there are plenty more, such as the dashboard we did for CeBIT, a huge trade show in Germany.


      If this interesting, then download the attached PDF, or watch the video to see how you too can get busy visualising tweets.


      UPDATE, 23 June 2012: The github files have changed a little. The instructions mention "setup.bat". However, some people experienced problems with that. The github repository now has a file called "install_requirements.py" which you should run instead of setup.bat. The github repository is likely to evolve over time so you should be prepared for differences between these instructions and the github repository.


      Please make comments below!

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