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    joining tables causes incorrect calculations work arounds?




      First off I would like to say that I know that varients of this question have been asked before. The particular solutions, when I found, did not clean up my calculations or bring them to the values that i had before I created the join. So wanted to open up a discussion in other possible work arounds.


      What is happening in my join is that I am connecting to two tables with the order_number. However, in one of the data sources, the order number is associated with the different serialnumbers that are allocated to the ordernumber. Therefore, if I have 4 backorders for the order_number, instead of 4 back orders, i would have 4 multiplied by the number of unique serial numbers associated with that order_number. (It ranges)


      I tried to create multiple joins on the same 2 data sources to see if that streamlines the join to not include the serial number. Doesnt work..


      Is there a way to not include serial_Number in a join, in my case, in other peoples, whatever? I.E. is it possible to join one table to just 2 elements of the other data source?


      I don't know how to do custom SLQ, and I don't want to link it through order_number because that breaks down my vizualization into little pieces, don't have the overall affect.




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