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    Displaying Historic Data for a sub category based on the top 5 for the latest quarter ?

    Simon Main

      Hi There,


      I was just wondering if anyone can help.


      I have a table of of historic data that I have sorted based on the latest quarter by each area. I am trying to filter this so I only see the highest 5 positions for each area based on the 2012 Q2 numbers.


      I have tried looking at this link which allows me to sort the top 5 http://kb.tableausoftware.com/articles/knowledgebase/finding-top-n-within-category But the problem is that I need to view the historic data for the latest top 5, with the ultimate goal of producing a historic sparkline for each of the current top 5?


      So in the example below, I would like to just see a historic sparkline for the "North" area for the positions with the five highest numbers in 2012 Q2 - Pharmacist Grade II, Nursing Assistant, Unlisted Professional, Genral Duty Nurse and Physiotherapist, the rest I want to be filtered out?


      Any ideas or help, anyone has would be much appreciated.


      Thanks Simon



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