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    Changing (or hiding) the tooltips for row shelf aggregation on tables

    Patrick Mcmahon

      Hi all, I have a simple table where I have customized the tooltip to show the information in a way that I want.  However, because the table has numerous dimensions on the row shelf, if you hover over the row values (to the left of the data values in the table), you get an aggregated calculation that may not make any sense at all to show.


      Here is an example:


                          Q3          Q4       Q1        Q2     Average

      Group          100%     80%     100%     100%     98%


      The tooltip looks great when hovering over any of the table values, for example, the Q3 100%, as I was able to customize using the worksheet...tooltips function


      HOWEVER, when I hover over the row label "Group" I get an aggregation that may not make sense.  However I am not sure how to either hide or customize the information shown in that tooltip.