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    How do I group and calculate everything outside of the top 10?

      Hey Tableau Forum,


      Quick question.  Does anyone know how to calculate a Top 10 total (below), and then subtract it from the Grand Total(Below)?  All the data I'm working with is proprietary and I'm unable to share it but I have pasted a simple picture of what I'm trying to do, in hopes that someone can explain fairly easily. 


      A couple of things to note:

      1. The list of clients is far to big to create groups
      2. The list of clients is dynamic and will change from month to month so I can't do it using a filter. However, I can use the index function to get the top 10
      3. I'm envisioning a formula like: Total(sum(Sales)) - window_sum(sum(Sales)), that presents itself in a single row before the Grand Total
      4. The Grand Total Figure should include the top 10 in addition to all other figures not shown
      RankClientSales% of Tot.
      Top 10 Total 5050%
      Difference 5050%
      Grand Total 100100%

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.