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    Total by date range and end date filters

    Jess Lee

      Hi All,


      Could anyone please help me out?


      I have 2 worksheets from attachment.


      1. Date Range: calculate the total account by filtering date range (start date and end date).  Please note "Date" filter needs to make global due to multiple worksheets that depend on this dimension.  I simplify this workbook by having only 1 dimension

      2. End Date: start date is fixed 5/1 and end date changes.


      I would like to do the following.


      1. Show the same end date for both "date" filter and "end date" filter when I change end date from either filters

      2. Total account is always count from 5/1 to end date and should not change even if i change start date in "date" filter in "end date" worksheet.  However, the total account will be the total between start date (can be >= 5/1) and end date in "Date Range" worksheet.


      Thank you very much