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    Defult filter on current month

    Gavriel  Bernstein

      Hi all

      i want to know how i can tell tableau to filter the data by defult on the current month when i use date filter as dimension?

      for example:

      current month: june. so i need to filter all my data acording to this month. also i need to give the user to choose the month he want to see. 

      let say we are now on July so i need all my data to be filter automaticlly to July but if i use date filter as dimension it will stay on June and will not move automaticlly to July. I know  can use date as relative date but then i don't have the option to choose which exactlly month i want.(only as agg)

      someone has any ida?

      for example: when July will come the V will move automaticlly to him.