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    Edit Data Connection in Tableau Server Does not work

    Reginald Green

      Hi Everyone,


      I just wanted to warn you not to rely too much on Edit Data Connection.


      I spent several frustrating hours attempting to migrate our reports from Tableau Server v6 to a v7.0.5: I created a backup of the v6 environment then imported this file into v7 using the Tabadmin command line.


      The backup and the import went fine, but then I wanted to do several mass updates on the data connections. Unfortunately the Edit Connections just didn't work; I then simplified the updates do one workbook at time, the result of this was no better.


      I will probably have to download each workbook, and update each connection manually. This experience has dented my confidence in Tableau as a hole





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          James Baker

          Hello Reginald.


          I was the primary developer of the "Edit Data Connection" feature... probably around three or so years ago.  I'm sorry to hear that it has failed you, and I apologize for the aggravation this has caused you.  I don't know whether the automated tests I originally wrote were not comprehensive (the most likely blame), whether gaps in test coverage have appeared via the addition of new types of data sources or underlying connection info storage, whether one of the many moving pieces under the hood of this feature has had a bad interaction with some of our architectural updates in the last few years, or even if your server machine has some environmental detail that doesn't exist in our test lab.  We also test all of our features manually - but of course we can't test comprehensively all possibly combinations and corner-cases that make up the combinatorial explosion of ways to use the product.


          Regardless of our quality control layers, I view this as my bug, and I'm sorry.  Thank you for the warning here, and I would ask that your service to the community extend to filing a case with support@tableausoftware.com with as many details as you can, in order to help us try to rectify the problem for future users.  Did the in-dialog progress log give any indication of failure? If so, what was the error message?  What data source type were you modifying?  One or multiple?  What fields?


          On a design level, I'm also curious about the need for the updates.  Was there a concurrent upgrade of your database(s) too that changed the connection info?  Or were the updates somehow required by a side effect of the Tableau Server upgrade itself?  Just curious.


          I hope that we can repair the dent in your confidence eventually, Reginald, though I'm afraid that our turn-around time on a code fix probably won't save you the large amount of wasted time you're probably up against.    But I, and our whole engineering team, take your story and occasional similar stories to heart, and will endeavor to maintain and improve our products' quality even as we balance reliability work against the demand for new features.




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