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    Orienting an axis around a reference line?

      I'm trying to create a visual that shows each sales persons unit sales as it relates to a "target" reference. Basically, who's below, at, or above the target. This will be used in conjunction with similar charts showing gross for each sales person as well.


      Here's the problem.


      I'm being asked to have the target references for units and gross to line up on the dashboard. The only way I've come up with to have the targets line up is to arbitrarily set the max/min values so that the target falls right in the middle.


      But as you can imagine, when I filter to show only specific stores I lose some data points that fall outside the range I've set. And I can't set it for the entire group as that range is well beyond the scope of a single store, so that when set for a single store all of the data points are clustered tightly with large areas of empty space unfilled. The clustering problem is also such that most sales people fall very near the target and block one another from view. (I should point out that these are being used as pdfs for now.)


      So, what I need is a way to set the axes to be oriented around a target reference line and for either side of the axis to move independently depending on where the data points fall. The "circle views" graph is the desired look for the visual.