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    Regression Analysis



      Just wondering, is there a formula for regression in Tableau, or do we have to input all the formulas manually?





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          Joe Mako

          In most cases, you can use table calcuations to produce the calcuation that you are looking for.


          If you can provide more details, exactly what formula you want to perform, and provide sample data, additional details can be provided.

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            Hello Joe,


            I know in Minitab and Excel, there is a function that allows you to calculate regression based on the formula:




            The standard error from this regression can be stored and plotted against the dependent variable Y. I was just wondering if this could also be done on Tableau without manually inserting all of the calculations?





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              Joe Mako

              I do not understand your provided formula, can you point to a Wikipedia article that detail the formula you are looking for?


              another option would be to create your logic in Excel, and then it can be redone in Tableau.