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    Mixing Aggregate & Non-aggregate data

      Currently I am attempting to find a callback ratio for health plan members.  There is probably a simple solution, but I have spent too much time running in circles and figure I should seek some expert advice.


      Unfortunately I can't release the data, but I can give you guys a basic understanding:

      This should work off only 2 columns: EpisodeID and Patient Reached.


      We can make multiple calls for the same case (multiple rows with the same EpisodeID), and I need a count distinct of EpisodeID when the Patient Reached value is "Y", "N", or "W".  I feel like this should  be fairly simple, but I am running into a roadblock when I try to make a calculated field that looks like:


      IF [patientreached] = "Y" then countd([EpisodeID])

      elseif [patientreached] = "N" then countd([EpisodeID])

      elseif [patientreached] = "W" then countd([EpisodeID]) else 0 end


      Thanks for your help